Mining rookie advice to get started

Hey everyone. Im sure this has been mentioned but im not good with forums and navigating them correctly.

I want to get into mining. Set up my laptop to mine shiba last night and it just doesnt seem worth it. At about 1200 coins a day unless shiba gets much more valuable my laptop wont cut it.

Can yall give me some advice on some affordable set ups? Affordable being under $1000 to get things going and then ill upgrade or build up from there?

Thanks everyone

I can tell you that on the outside ‘looking in’ anything looks easy to do. once you put in the time of study on hardware, then comes the implementation with software and worse, moving the mining result to money.

Start with HNT. Low budget if you PRE ORDER and wait and wait. Bobcat is 20 weeks. Dont believe in the 12 week part, not going to happen. 20 weeks is even a maybe. However jump in NOW is $1200 to $1400 depending on who you work with on ebay or even this site has a few people selling at $800.

You really should have a $5000 entry level budget, but $1500 will get you started. I already spent $6000 in the last 3 weeks and just started also. I made a whole $1.95 USD back so far.

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Wow 5 grand huh? Dont have that much to spare at the moment. I could probably make 1500 work if i had more info on how long it may take to turn a profit. Have a link for this NOW youre talking about?

I would keep mining the shib with the laptop are you using unminable to get shib. A majority of the major exchanges where unavailable yesterday and that has been rumored it was cause by the shib and I’ll ts current bull run.

Trying to startup anything like this where you use the ROI right off is a dishearting thing. Call it a hobby that turns into a business if you really have the passion for it.

Search eBay … Bobcat miner 300… pick someone with at least 25 or more feedback. NEVER pick someone with 0 and just registered even on this year of 2021 timeframe. They are 90% scams these days. Make sure is ON HAND… / IN HAND … not preorder.

Go to the Bobcat page and preorder today, you will only pay $550 there about. You will get it next year. Then get one off ebay to start now. I preordered this month and my expectation is Feb 2022.

You can also go to HeliumMart and order one of the new ones from them. PreOrder today and get it in Dec 2021 they say. I ordered 2 from them also.

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And here’s another “side note” on the whole Bobcat and Helium mining thing… Take a look at the coverage map:

See what’s happening in your area to better understand your potential for Helium mining, profitability, ROI etc.

IMHO, you are better off starting with one of the smaller Goldshell boxes - they are right in your price range if you manage to score one from the official GS site:

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If theres no little octogons where im at is that a good thing or bad?

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Click on the ones that are closest to your location and you can see what they are making per day and per 30 days. And if there’s no “cluster” around your actual location you’ll be making about the same (as any stand-alone octagon). The whole setup and how the “clustering” works and makes money is VERY random and inconsistent (even when you pull a few octagons together into a cluster).

I would say play it cool, keep mining with the laptop and start getting serious when the bear market comes. expect a loose and get yourself ready to hit the next bullmarket running. That is what I’m planning, I’m looking into immersion cooling and ASIC miners but I’m no late. With a ROI at least 8 months the bear market will come in 2-6 months their is a big risk it wont return a profit. I got a 3090 for 3000$ 3 months ago and I’m counting on barely breaking even on it before charismas but in the end i will have a 3090.

I’m gonna be honest i think your late like me i have had cryto since January mostly BTC and I’m just putting the my money i have now into Alts. Trying to make profit (i have) and will put some into mining to get cheaper BTC for the next bullrun in 2024. Don’t FOMO inte mining right now or the market.

P:S With bear market i mean it will end when BTC has fallen 80% from the top



Hey Kirito,

When it comes to helium, you want no more than 3 other hot spots in a Hexagon**** or its going to be super unprofitable at current token prices. If you have 0 hot spots in your octagon your ahead of the game. The lead time for a HNT miner is at least 6 months so plan on other miners moving into your octagon in that time frame and either take a risk or dont. When I bouth mine 7 months ago , two other hot spots moved into my neighborhood so I am at a reduced reward rate of .5 and making about 5 dollars a day. I plan on the price moving up so It should pay off within 5 months. My brother had 6 hot spots move into hexagon over the 6 month lead time and he is basically making zero dollars. He is moving the hot spot to a friends house that will probably pull in 1000 a month and they are going to split it. HNT is super easy but getting very saturated and very depending on range and amount of hot spots within your hex.

If your long term on crypto , your still early and its not too late to start mining IMO. the trouble is going to be getting the hardware to do it but long term mining will make bank if crypto sticks around , and it will.


What i mean is that for an ASIC miner where I’m mostly looking to pull the trigger on the mark up now in price, it’s high risk for in to be able to make a ROI. But starting is never to late but be ready to make 0 bucks in profit and see it as a learning experience

So. If i get a helium miner and there still no one in my area. Whats the income might look like?

If you are doing HNT go to bobcats website directly I had to pay in crypto and you do have to wait long as all hell but it was like 450 plus 50 for delivery and I did get the bobcat 300


Yeahhhh…I ordered mine from Bobcat on Aug. 26th and I’m not expected my shipment till mid November at the earliest. I feel like it’ll be January by the time I see my Bobcats

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As much as I want to just give you all the answers and have you do zero research, this is the perfect opportunity for you to hop on the helium map coverage site, start clicking on hot spots that will look like similar spacing as yours and then you can click on rewards and see how much they are making a month,24 hours. That will answer your question.

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While you are looking see if you can figure how these are making $4000 plus in 30 days

Here is another CRAZY amount. I dont see how they are doing it.

One thought was the antenna height being lied about everyone in the huge numbers have the antenna listed as 200 meters or more

Blurry Honeysuckle Shell

and another one

Pet Hickory Shell

So far I have online working 6 days and made a whole $2.15… One Witness has popped up.

I am investigating putting one in a friends house. In Greenville, Tx, a large octagon shows about 4-5 miles north of their house. Good idea to place one there? Thanks for any and all help.

its my opinion you just got to try and see what the results are. There does not seem to be a science to this and calculations of triangulation that results in better HNT rewards. I have 5 total HNT device by Feb 2022 ( shipping delays ) and I will place at friends and family also.

I am not far from you also. I am in McKinney area. There are already 100 plus of these HNT miners in McKinney.

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How can I mine SHib with my laptop? Sorry I’m learning… thanks Will