Mining Software

Hey all,

I just joined the mining community and got myself a starting rig. I have 5 570s and 1 5700 xt. I have been trying some miners but was looking for a second opinion. The first miner I tried, Cudo Miner, would only utilize 3 of the cards at a time for some reason. I also tried Hive OS but it would always give me lower than expected hashrates on the 570s and would not use the 5700xt at all. What software would you all recommend or am I just messing something up in setup? Thanks!

run windows 10 directly mining eth claymore or phoenix on or nicehash mining btc,most mining os not supporting mixed gpu only 570 or 5700 on rig mixed cards you can run windows 10.

if you wanna run only 570 recommend minerstat great and stable os simple to use

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