Mining storage question

I’ve been Gpu mining to a soft wallet, but I’m currently in the process of getting ASICS for BTC mining. The end goal is to hold it in a ledger/trezor wallet offline. Is it possible to mine directly to a ledger address, or will I need to transfer from a soft wallet manually?

Apologies if this is dumb, but I figured this was the place to come learn.


Yes you can mine straight into a ledger/trezor. The only time it can become an issue, and this usually more of an issue if you mine into an exchange is if you are only doing very small transactions. I.E. sending $0.10 every hour, or a dollar a day or something, the exchanges don’t like that much, but mining straight into offline wallet isn’t a problem.

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I’m doing the same. Wondering do you just enter the address from nano x coin app into miner pool and when you log into te ledger app it will be there??? First time using…

You would go into your ledger app or ledger live, and get the receive address for whatever coin it is that you are getting payouts in, and then put that address into the mining pool. let me know if that makes sense or if you need more info.

I was scrolling through about this topic as well, and I apologize if this is a dummy question, but even if the wallet is “offline” it can still receive lets say bitcoin?