Mining strategy

This message is for all my old dirty miners who have been around for a minute. I’m new to mining like most on here but was hoping to get some perspective from those who have been mining since before this bull run.

In your opinion is it better to try to capitalize on what’s left of this bull run by buying higher priced miners or is it better to let the dust settle and get in during the bear market. If only we all had a crystal ball and new when the market would transition but generally speaking. If your doing it for the long game what’s the more sound play?

Successful ppl DO, what other ppl are still talking about. If you wait and wait and wait, NOTHING ever gets done. Take your life into your own hands and start to act.
Worst case scenario. If you start mining now, you hedge your bet. With all the money printing from gov. this is not getting better or cheaper.
This is your life boat for a tsunami coming, because the tsunami is coming.
I would strongly suggest to start mining now. I don’t see the pricing coming down, EVER. People should know by now, that they can’t rely on gov. anymore. Its time to do what you have to do on your own !
In my humble opinion, this is NOT a bull market right now. Its just a reflection of the rampant and failed money policies of gov’s. And its gone get a lot worst.

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Well said.