Mining Suggestion for an Amateur Miner

Hey Vosk & the community,
Firstly I love the community you have made here.
looking at your content on youtube has really inspired me to begin mining. And I’ve successfully ordered the bobcat miner too.
Now after much study and weeks of going round in circles, seems like I’ve hit the wall with deciding how to begin.
my budget is around $15,000.
do you suggest I go with GPU mining or ASIC mining.
if it’s GPU, I was thinking of RTX 3080 - $1700 each is what I’m getting in my country.
Or ASIC mining, which device?
I was looking into the Bitmain L7 - however, it’s a Dodge coin, I’m not sure how long can a meme coin last. plus considering the hash power that will come to market, profitability will also decrease.
Or How is the Goldshell kd5 miner?

would really like your help here, or anyone from the community.
would mean a lot!

Thanks in advance!

Hey guys,
I would really appreciate some responses
Looking forward to seeing a few