Mining Syndicate Hosting

Since it looks like Compass is only offering hosting starting in August 2022, I found Mining Syndicate Hosting based in Dallas. Does anyone have any experience with them? They recommended instead of Bitmain Antminer, to go with the Canaan Avalon. Any assistance would be helpful.

I was looking at these also, i’m a bit wary of the 12 month contract - call me uneducated, but i was doing so sums and most of the miners come out to 500 - 600 day payback. Would you consider this to be a decent investment for such a long payback period? (bare in mind that there is no way i can have loud ASIC’s at home so i wouldnt be able to have one if i dont host it somewhere else)

I have Avalon 1166 miner I purchased and have hosted with them. Legit company. Cost per kwh is higher than Compass but I got up and running by a single phone call. I recently received an email from them saying they are looking to expand capacity and reduce cost per kwh and wanted interest in future purchasing and hosting from customers.

Thanks… I talked to Matt via phone and real nice guy. Wanted to get a couple other people’s feedback before sending them a wire for 5 machines. The way I look at it is the machine gets paid in a year, and then everything after that is profit. If Bitcoin keeps going up, it is going to make more and more money. I am sure there are multi-year old miners out there that have paid for themselves time and time again.

@kirthew which machines did you get?

I am thinking of getting 5 Canann Avalon 1246s. I bought 10 slots and told him that I would put 5 in and see how that process goes and then if it goes smoothly, I will buy another 5. I am tempted to get 5 Antminer S19Js from Compass and seeing if they will ship to Mining Syndicate’s facility. I have a feeling that might be a risky ask.