Mining through Starlink Internet?

Does anyone here have experience with mining over a Starlink connection? How stable is it? At least in comparison to a wired connection such as Spectrum?

Hi yes I do. Every 24 hours I seem to have between 5-10 seconds of interrupted connection. I’ve had a real good experience with starlink however not everyone has. I live in an area that’s bigger than Texas with only a population of 1 million people so I don’t experience any congestion. But people in high population areas seem to complain the most. My ping is on average 35ms and the server is 800 miles away, my speeds normally range between 150-300mbps. I’ve had no issues mining on Litecoinpool, hyperdonkey or NiceHash. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply ShredZ. Good luck to you too!

Hey mate one last thing I should have mentioned - In terms of how much I mine because youre asking about performance? My L7 mines exactly what the calculator says it will on Litecoinpool. Hope that gives a better idea