Mining to Crypto Wallets

Hi Guys,
Im new to mining and dont know much about crypto wallets. I have been using NiceHash so far and have been mining BTC direct into their wallet. Am i able to mine directly into my CoinBase wallet as I would like to start using Claymore Dual Miner.


Well, NiceHash pays in BTC - even though you may actually be mining other coins. You can move your coins from NiceHash to Coinbase for free, provided you have a certain minimum number of sats. If you are going to try to mine solo or on a pool, instead of using NiceHash, you would need to provide a deposit wallet address for that coin. In theory you can use a wallet address on an exchange, i.e. Coinbase, if they take deposits of that coin.

I have no better experience about this, am also want to know this.