Mining to hardware wallet?

Since it could be an issue to mining directly to a hardware wallet.
Anyone know WHEN it will be a problem?
Sending 2 transactions every day for several years, will that give me the issue?

Asking because I would like to know how often I can send transactions to the hardware wallet if I send it to a software wallet first? Will every week work fine? Or every month?, for several years…

How many transactions can a hardware wallet handle?
Is it same issue on all mineable cryptos or just some of them?
Have ALL hardware wallets same issue?
Anyone that had the issue? How many transaction did you have when it become an issue?

Attaching the official statement from Ledger and Trezor regarding this and a youtube movie.

Collect in a wallet, toss into bitmixer and dump it in your HW wallet every so often.

Why do you need to use bitmixer?