Hi, Should I always select the top pool from the website for a particular coin?

E.g. Bitcoin is currently showing “

I feel there may be other things to take into account, such as pool fees etc?

I wondered if people had a particular formula / way to select a pool?


Unless things have changed, you won’t be able to use foundry unless you are at 20PH or above. I haven’t used Pegapool yet, but I know they have 0 fees until BTC hits $60,000. Most of our clients are using viabtc, ant pool, or Luxor.


Foundry is for the big bois…


I never pick the the top pool to keep things decentalised. Then I look at fees vs time since hitting the last block. I’ve recently been through all my pools and moved some. I have some Goldshell SC and HS boxes on Siacoin.

I was on DX Pool, but have also been on F2pool before that. Remove the first one, look at the rest. Luxor has lower fees and a more recent time since last block when I look now. I moved all my SC over to Luxor.
Not really sure why I still have the LBRY Goldshell turned on still, but I moved that off dxpool and on to for the same reason. Lower fees and a similar time between blocks.
Keeping it spread around is good for the projects. Othwise you end up with just one pool like MWC and STC