Misleading Seller

Was told and seen in several post 7-10 day from their warehouse to door step, after emailing it’s confirmed it’s not the time committed and on website it states different


lol sure, tell that to others that have received everything that they’ve ordered in less than 2 weeks lol. Nice try :joy:

Ok so if I ordered a L7 right now I’m looking 7-10 days my door?

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Help with what? You should go help out someone else who is really misleading others on this forum? I know you like to troll on others, but go put your focus on your cellular repair business.


i would assume hes using Shenzhen Apexto Electronic Co., Ltd


402-01, Building B2, Sanwei Community, Hangcheng Street, Baoan District

Homepage website::



They are legit … have at it

def isnt mine
Their prices on the site are not ACTUAL PRICES> you will need to contact them to get a list on pricing

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Am I? give them a call and find out? lol All I know is that they actually “deliver” their miners unlike your incompetent supplier.

enjoy !!! go back to the shopify store

Thanks man!

What’s my business got to do with this post? When im trying to place a order on the committed times that were spoken for on here vs email from sales member on your site?

These two are a joke! Now they are trying to mislead the attention off of them.

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how does it make sense the prices on s19 96 being more expensive than a 104?

hes jsut STATING facts lol

Oh hey! I guess there is one thing to thank you for. This model is actually not available until after the lunar holiday in China. Forgot to update it.

Just going off what I’m seeing as a new customer

freshly racked… where urs at LOL


Grow up guys, you all just look like fools in front of everybody…

Embarassing for everyone on the forum.

Get your damn shit together and move on!

All this mess is already spreading on other forums and makes this one looks bad…