Mixing GPUs same brand

Just starting my first build. I might have put the cart before the horse.
I managed to grab some Asus GeForce 1080 Ti . 3 of them on the cheap from a friend. I also got some Asus GeForce 1070 ti and a Asus ROG 1080 to from another source. I want to put all 8 of them in the same build. I checked and they seem to use the same driver download from Asus. Will this be an issue mixing these?

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That won’t be a problem. Good luck on your build.

should be no problem. good luck

Awesome. Thanks for your replies. It’s appreciated

Last question. Will this also apply to EVGA 1070 ti with the same chipset?

Not a problem. You can even mix some AMD cards in if you like.

Good stuff Thanks bud