MNTD Rak v2 Goldspot helium miners for sale! Only two available

Hi I have two MNTD rak goldspot 8GB helium miners for sale. I am located in fort Lauderdale florida USA.The sale will be done through so that both parties are protected. I don’t expect anyone to send me crypto and trust that I will send it. So is the only payment method I will take. DOYR on . I have not opened the boxes that were shipped from rak! there literally in there shipping boxes still. I have not touched them. Like rak miner says on there website I am not responsible for any damages during shipping. No returns or refunds. I will be posting it on ebay later today if anyone feels more comfortable buying over ebay then I will give the link if anyone wants.

2 available.
I can sell each for 1500$
or $2800 for both.
Ship through USPS $20 for each so if you buy 2 it will be $40.

How about $2800 each with free shipping? Would you be willing to overnight it? Is this in stock or pre-sale?

$2800 for both. I’ll ship for free only through usps priority. If you want it overnighted you will have to pay for that.

They’re in hand no presale prorder. In hand.

That is an insane markup and you can get cheaper on eBay.

2800 for both not really. I’ve seen them go for 1500 for only one on ebay. so no not really.

1200 buy it now. Free shipping.

You can get the blackspot for 800.


That’s a high asking price!


Once people see Vosk’s latest video the prices will drop in half or more on these helium miners.

It can go either way…expensive sellers and people selling at a lower rate. I’ll go for doing some searching and getting a better price.

Let’s be honest, if you actually wanted to profit that much go post it on eBay.

The people here aren’t trying to get ripped off, they’re trying to get legitimate information and deal with real approved sellers.


Disappointing, if you want to scalp then take your miners to ebay.


$800 should be the only fair scalp price, the price only went up because of the botched Rak release.