Mobile Outdoor Hotspot

Got #2 getting deployed in my area, the rewards these are earning each day has been awesome passive income and roi for a fraction of the cost of some of the high power ASICS, Check into it!:raised_hands:t5:

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do you have a referral code?

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Sold my FreedomFi

For on the phone I’m using

It’s 2024. I’m done paying so much money for my phone plan… join me and sign up for Helium Mobile using

As far as the hotspot I’m using Mobile Outdoor Hotspot

Is this worth getting if you have it set up in a house ?

installed hotspot , thx Mike

Very nice! That’s a nice set up!!

Now that you’ve had this up for a while, how are the earnings turning out?

My buddy is making bank

Between the 5 phone lines with the mapping rewards and 2 outdoor mobile hot spots as long as everything is online it’s averaging around a combined 6,000-8,500 Mobile Tokens each day.

One day it’ll payoff at the moment it’s just another learning expense :smiling_face_with_tear::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

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