Monero is only the CPU Profitable Coin

If you have any old Xeon server processors or the new AMD Ryzen series, you can mine Monero using it which implements RandomX POW. The Most efficient card in mining monero is AMD Ryzen because of the large L3 Cache Available. Miner Softwares are XMRig, XMR- Stak,etc you can check out them in GitHub.

We Aim ASIC and GPU Resistance, and our POW is only CPU Efficient
You can do pool mining in MineXMR, SupportXMR (50% of total network hashrate) or other smaller pools to support decentralization.
If you need any help ask me below or connect to Freenode IRC : #monero-pools (Recommended)


Thanks for the info. I was/am all for Monero trying to become asic resistant and increase participation/decentralization with the algo change but am curious how the hashrate/difficulty went up so much after the fork? are there server farms mining or did everybody and their mother put their cpus on monero? Curious and haven’t been following it closely. :wink:

@MountainMiner It has reached ASIC and GPU mining because of the design of RandomX which is only eficient in CPU :smile:

Here comes the botnets. Viruses with Monero mining software has infected many computers and mine for their owners. It runs in background unknowingly. These results in the hashrate bumps in the pic given below.

Generally if a CPU gave 500H/s in CN7v2, it would give 1000H/s in RandomX (just for representation)

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Is it at all still feasible to try and mine Monero?


@EbenJacobs Yes it is IF

  1. If you have existing AMD Ryzen or old Xeon (Minimize the hardware cost)
  2. Cheap electricity
Use this calculator to get a idea if you can profit from it.


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I will soon be able to get 12 Xeon 3560 V3 processors for nothing due to upgrades on a system I am working on. Will check out the profitability.

I found Loki to be more profitable than Monero but they do not offer it on Nicehash so I switched back to Monero since Nicehash is paying me so well right now

I lost $100 in Nicehash, got bashing from family. I tried solo mining but in vain. @MeatyMouse is pool mining using nicehash profitable? After loss I just left watching nicehash :pensive: :disappointed_relieved: :persevere:
Edit: Read your thread, you are mining loki in nicehash got iy. And you are sooooo lucky for having free electricity

@EbenJacobs Great…

There are many other options like loki, epic cash,etc. but monero ticks all the boxes but competition is high

How did you lose $100? The ONLY way I can see this is if you were buying hashpower on the exchange. Was this the reason?

Yes, I buyed the hashpower, it was the most dumbest step…:pensive:

I cannot mine LOKI thru Nicehash I am forced onto Monero there for my CPU. I am making so much extra off of ETH and RVN i do not mind.

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Anyone know why when I mine Monero with my CPU im running 4.35 KH/s and that nets me about .18 a day but when I run Nicehash its 3.6KH/s yet im getting .30 day. Are people REALLY paying that much for my hashing power for Monero on NH?

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Yes. The bidding takes place in marketplace and people pay way more then they should…
It pushes them into a competitive mindset .

You should try mining Loki with your CPU with those speeds you should make about .50 cents a day.

oooh, never heard of that one. does it use the same Algorithm?

It uses RandomXL (same algorithm). In NiceHash, monero is only supported. There are plenty of other coins which uses modified version of RandomX.
See the left side for the list of coins using RandomX.

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yes and you can use the same miner also