Monero(XMR) mining

Hi everyone! So I am working on my Blockchain Development cert and I hold several security and IT certifications. Also I breed reptiles to pass the time when I am not coding or day trading. I frikken love the Monero project and was trying to figure a way to cluster motherboards to make a CPU rig. … Anybody got any insight into ways to make this happen?
I could just run them, all into a switch and then create a daemon but I am doing this for fun and that is too simple. I want to create a CPU cluster… perhaps I could reuse the idea at a later time for an AI/ML idea I have in the back of my head.

Raspberry Pi cluster?

Turing cluster? V3 or the new CM4 cluster?

Raspberry Pi CM4 Boards arrive! Waveshare PoE and PiTray mini - YouTube

Raspberry Pi Dramble Kubernetes Cluster ASMR - YouTube

Two types of clusters here … This guy has a github and could give you suggestions… Probably involves Kubernetes …

In reality, though if you are going to cluster motherboards you might want to use Xeon dual processor motherboards with high core count processors. The older V2 and V3 Xeon processors are cheap. ASROCK makes a mean server motherboard.