Monthly net profit

Has anyone figured out the right combination of gpu cards, which coins to mine, etc to net $1000 per month on residential electricity costs? How about $5000 per month or 10k per month?

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It depends on your electricity cost and the amount of cards you are willing to buy. It also changes as the price of crypto fluctuates. But, you can go plug numbers into mining calculators to get some rough estimates. Using the NiceHash estimator, if your running 140 AMD RX 580’s with 8 GB you’ll net around $1,000 after electricity at .10 a kwH (before taxes and transaction fees to sell it).


Hello there my friend! I’m from ph and Im just new here… I noticed that you’re well known in this forum. I’m currently unemployed right now and i have a family to feed (breaks my heart). I have a little savings left on my bank account and i was thinking of putting all of it by building my rig. I know it will make a big difference in our life (I just hope so). Hope you could help us. Can you pls suggest me what specs should i buy? Thank you and god bless.

Right now I would hold off until you get back to a normal employment status as unless you are with free electricity costs it will more than likely not be feasible to hold a normal rig to maintain a profit that means something substantial in your daily life. If you are really all game and hung-ho to just do it and not hold back please do your research and check out to see where and what you are interested in mining.

Kindly share me your specs Pls. I’m willing to use my extra fund. Any type of crypto will do for me as long as the rig can generate money for me.