MORE HALTED CRYPTO WITHDRAWALS?! WTF Gemini Earn and Genesis Trading

Gemini is a popular cryptocurrency exchange, boasts all of their crypto deposits are held in reserve 1:1. Gemini is a product of the billionaire Winklevoss twins, but Gemini Earn just HALTED WITHDRAWALS?! Subscribe!

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Gemini Exchange and the Winklevoss brothers have very deep pockets - yet here we are, with Gemini Earn having paused withdrawals and no update in sight as of yet. With Genesis Trading, the primary source of interest for the Gemini Earn rates, having requested a loan of a staggering $1 Billion, are they in more trouble than we realize? What could the future be for Gemini and the Gemini Earn program? What should you do right now if you’re exposed to these entities? Let’s take a deep dive into the situation around Gemini and Genesis.

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Portfolio – Winklevoss Capital
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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 FTX contagion hits hard
01:00 How is Gemini holding up right now?
02:58 How affected is Gemini Earn right now?
06:56 Winklevoss - BlockFi connection
09:58 My withdrawal process from Gemini Earn
12:07 Gemini Earn pauses withdrawals
14:30 Gemini Earn is removed and interest rates nuked
15:09 Genesis seeking $1 Billion in funding

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MORE HALTED CRYPTO WITHDRAWALS?! WTF Gemini Earn and Genesis Trading

Yeah. It’s all a bit weird right now. No telling who’s solvent and who’s hoping they’ll get through. Waiting on one last withdrawal then I’ll be all fiat except for small amounts of miscellaneous tokens.
Still Mining. Will mine right through a net electric loss.

We may be at the bottom, but it doesn’t feel like a bottom yet.

I doubt we’re at the bottom… Just don’t ask if it can get any worse