Most profitable pool to mine LTC + DOGE


I have been playing around with my minidoge for a few days now and was wondering what are your impressions in terms of profitability for the top pools out there. For the little time I have been doing i really like prohashing possibilities but got the impression that it is less profitable than f2pool (1.8 vs 1.6 USD these days). Is anyone else under the same impression? I like prohashing option of been rewarded in other coins, but 20 cents is a lot of money, specially in europe, where we pay a fortune for electricity. Any comments on this? any way I can fine tune prohashing to get a bit more out of it?


Good question. What about Litecoinpool ? I haven’t really tried anything else because I haven’t had any reason to. My rejection rate on an LT5 pro is right at 1% which doesn’t seem to bad considering the volume. Does anyone else have any input ?

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Litecoin pool works well for me. Each mini doge bringing in .0122 LTC per day

I recently got a L3+ and I was wondering the same thing. I am currently mining in F2pool with 0.0128 avg on 1 asic. Does anyone just use Nicehash and rent out your M/H? Curious if it is more or less profitable.

You are getting .128 litecoin per day from an L3? How!?

0.128 on just one asic? at what Mh rate?

I don’t think that’s even possible must be a typo , I’m running an LT5 pro at 2494.73 MH/s and getting .16 Ltc per day

yeah .128 for one L3+ can’t be possible. I have 4 L3+ and I’m avg .15 a day. That 1 L3+ would need to be hashing 2ghs by its self. Are you missing a zero? .0128?

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Did anyone try I really like some of its features but got the impression is less profitable (although i have to admit that i only tried it for a couple of days)

It was a typo my apologies.

Yeah I was, i fixed my post. Sorry for the confusion.

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My suggestion for choosing a pool would be to find the one that has the lowest ping. I’m using litecoinpool on the west coast. I get and avg of 55ms ping. that’s the lowest I could find. all the others were 70ms plus.

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Thanks, for the newbies like me, what does the ping represent?

On litecoin pool I make rough estimate of .05 a day on a l3+

I have 2 L3+ that I just got last week. I am using awesome miner software and am set up with NiceHash. I am averaging $6 per day each before electric cost.

wow, that sounds great. Where did you get these miners? look difficult to find

I bought my L3+ from There’s a guy here on the forum that sells a bunch of stuff too. Master3004

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Go to the marketplace or the mining and hardware section. click on the three lines at the top of this page. Look at the sales from @Master3004 he has L3+ for sale right now. Great prices! way better than Ebay.

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hmm wish i knew that guy …


Wish I had some more money to buy more miners… :frowning:

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