Most profitable

During the bear market?

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Nothing all miners are overpriced should be 1/2 of what they are charging. You cannot do math if you buy one at the current manufactures prices. 4yr to 20yr+ roi is riduculous. Avergage lifespan of a miner is 3-5years not infinity. You will soon be able to get very good deals on used machines first. This will be a great opportunity. Finally, the manufacturers will become realistic and lower their prices when they are not selling anything. A lot of resellers will go out of business and maybe some manufacturers. Only buy what you are willing to lose.


Bitmain and MicroBt have started cutting prices. Now is the time to start shopping.

Now is the time to wait as they will go down more in a bear market.

Aren’t you waiting for a miner to show up any day?
In a way I kinda wish I would have waited, my miner would have been a bit cheaper today than ordering it a couple of months ago. :confused: It’s only money, right?

Yes my miner is in UPS jail. I paid $145.88 to get it out and it is still in a warehouse. Very frustrating. Do what you feel is comfortable for you. Be sure to check so you can make an informed decision. I think all Goldshell miners are a waste of money now. Unaffordable, unprofitable, and unreliable. It looks like miner distributors have cut their prices 10-15%. They need to double that number.