Motherboard for 1 to 4 pcie splitter

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with a z590 board that will run two 1x4 pcie splitters to run a total of 8 gpu’s any recommendations would be awesome

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Nope, no experience with the Z590 board BUT;

I have no problems with my 1 4 way splitter

Red Panda Mining has been experimenting with a Threadripper, and PCIE to multi X1 slot breakout boards that will hold up to 4 4 way splitters as well as just using many 4 way splitters. Best so far, 16 GPU’s

Sebs Fintech channel also has had really good luck with the 4 way splitters.

For me, I have had motherboards that fail to boot on the 5th GPU and seems to change (for the worse) using different bios versions
I also have a gigabyte Fintech mining motherboard that fails to boot on the 10th GPU

My Biotech TB250 Pro With 12 X1 slots (I call it the Pro Pro due to Pro being on the box cover twice) anyway, this board has no problem running 12 GPU’s

I’m replacing my z390-a for a z590-a next week. I like Asus motherboards but I don’t split them like how you plan on doing. You probably can’t get full hashrate potential of doing it that way. If you can cough up the extra dough I’d say buy another z590 motherboard with the extra necessities and run it that way for max profit.

But to answer your question, no I don’t have experience with what you’re referring to.

Technically, your PciE slots have differing amounts of lanes. Video cards are most often placed in the PciE slot closest the CPU as it almost always has 16 lanes … Your motherboard manual will show whether the 2nd slot can also run 16 lanes or whether it drops to 8 lanes. A third slot would run 4 or possibly 8 lanes and in some cases 16 lanes when the 2nd slot doesn’t run 16 lanes.

This is why the designation X1, X4, and X16 sized slots. The 4 port expander is going to multiplex the lanes in an X1 slot, something the PEX chip does on the motherboard. The SATA and M.2 ports also consume lanes, so using them reduces the number of lanes available for GPU’s. Anyways once all the lanes are used up, you cannot add any more Video Cards.

You should be able to use 4-port expanders on motherboards with 2 pcie slots with up to 8 Gpu’s.
But trial and error rules, Which is why they make Mining Motherboards at twice the price