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you can send me a message, I have an affiliate code for you if you are interested, can get you a 10% discount

welcome to the world of crypto haha :wink:
good luck with ur machine

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no kd-box. $26 a day right now but it was $42 just 10 days ago.

Hey Joe Joe!

How’s everything? Still trying to vet some of these websites before I make a purchase.

Do you know about this website [ ] that has Vosk’s picture on it? Is it legit?

Please let me know.

:-1: that is not real come see me if you need anything

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probably fake. There’s only one legit bitmain site.

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Thanks for that information! I wanted to buy an ASIC machine and just trying to get the right site and price ect.

Hey , I’ve noticed that the new 140T is sold out already on the bitmain site vosk referenced in one of his YouTube videos


What do you have in your inventory to purchase?


everything on lists. and then some that i dont mention unless requested

Where is your list?

Over in the marketplace.

hello guys new miner here just starting out. i ordered a whack of gear from Master3004
Steven D i took a risk, but everything arrived in 2 weeks. Steven is attentive and responds to my messages. still getting the space cleaned and ready for the new hardware but i wanted to post a message let people know i placed an order and received my gpus and asic gear. ships from HK and is very well packed. already planning my next order.


my pleasure buddy… some items go faster then others :slight_smile: hope you enjoy

@Master3004 do you have any goldshell kd-boxes for sale? How much?

His list for yesterday showed
New KD BOX US$7,094

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prices change daily. make sure its dated for the day u inquire about it… seems like ive been toobuzy to even update that… zz. sry

Today they are way more than 7k. I will just check back tomorrow

oh yea gues i did post it … maybe idk

2nd, Dec. 2021 Miners

New Bolonminer B11 70T 48W US$5,532
New A1166pro 75T US$5,255
New A1166pro 78T US$5,533
New A1166pro 81T US$5,816
New A1246 87T US$7,075
New A1246 90T US$7,396
New T19 84T US$9,308
New T19 88T US$9,741
New S19 95T US$11,903
New S19J PRO 96T US$11,765
New S19J PRO 100T US$12,855
New S19J PRO 104T US$13,305

Used S9 13.5T OEM PSU US$381
Used S9 13.5T APW3 1600w US$425
Used S9I/J 14T OEM PSU US$421
Used S9I/J 14T APW3 1600w US$468
Used T2TZ 30T US$1,474
Used T2Th 30T US$1,114
Used T2Th 33T US$1,273
Used T2Th 37T US$1,395
Used T17 42T US$1,524
Used S17PRO 53T MOQ:10PCS US$2,697
Used A1066 55T US$2,734
Used M21S 52T US$3,298
Used M21S 54T US$3,425
Used M21S 56T US$3,552
Used M20s 68T US$4,779
Used S19 95T MOQ:5PCS US$8,486

New mini-doge US$825
Used L3+ OEM PSU US$889
Used L3+ used APW3 1600w US$937
Used L3+ New APW7 1800w US$968
Refurbished L3+ US$968
Refurbished L3+ used APW3 1600w US$1,013
Refurbished L3+ New APW7 1800w US$1,040
Pre-order L7 9160M December US$25,606

—X11 Dash—
New D7 1111G US$10,035

—Blake 2S KDA—
New KD BOX US$7,094
Used KD5 US$68,860
New K1+ US$48,450

—Blake2B+SHA3 HNS—
New HS5 US$8,045
New HS BOX 235G US$830

—Equihash ZEC/VDL/KMD—
Used Z11 MOQ:10PCS US$1,680
Used Z15 420K OEM PSU US$10,629
New Z15 420K November US$13,968

—Ethash ETH/ETC/ETP—
Used A10PRO 5G 500mh US$6,575
Used A10PRO 6G 500mh US$7,613
Used A10PRO 6G 500mh US$7,786
Used A10PRO 7G 720mh US$13,149
New A11 US$30,278

Is this Master3004 legit?

I’m about to throw money down! Thanks!

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all good … …

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