MSI 360-F Pro First Time Setup Help - keeps rebooting within seconds of starting

First time build for me, rookie question I’m sure.

I finally got all my parts, all set up on the rack. This particular mother board has 4 debug leds, and the ram is where its getting stuck according to the debug leds.

When I power it on, 1 of 2 things happens:
If I take the ram out, it will power up and stay powered up, but the Ram led stays lit.
If I have the ram in, it will power up, the ram led will come on, go off, then the mother board restarts, and the process just repeats consistently.

My guess would be the ram isn’t compatible with the mother board, but from what I can tell it should be:

MB: MSI B360-F PRO ATX Intel Coffee Lake LGA 1151 Mining Motherboard
Ram: HyperX Fury 2 2x 4gb DDR4 (HyperX Fury 2 x 4 GB 2666MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM (Kit of 2) Black XMP Desktop Memory HX426C16FB3K2/8_

I havent hooked it up to a display, but Im guessing theres nothing to see since this all happens within seconds.

A few youtube videos said the ram might not be seated correctly, I’ve tried taking them out and putting them back in several times. Tried using 1 stick instead of 2, tried a single stick in each of the slots, etc. and no dice.

Any suggestions, did I miss something and maybe this ram isn’t compatible? Any help appreciated, kind of stuck at this point aside from sending the ram back and getting something else.

Edit: I found the support page for this mother board:

and while a bunch of the Hyper ram are compatible, I didn’t find this specific HX426C16FB3K2/8 that I bought on the list, so I’m guessing its not compatible… I don’t know enough about ram to know the nuances, but unless someone has something else I should try, probably just ship back to Amazon and get something on the list.

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Does it do this if you try to get to the BIOS? generally if you can get to bios, then you can at least see if its recognizing it.