Multiple Bobcats

How many Bobcat miners can you have in one location?

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I tried 2 and they black listed my unit on my IP address by killing the transmit rate to .1 … I had to move it to my Exwife house and I even created a new wallet on her phone so that it appeared I sold it. It worked and the network allowed it to recover back to making 1.0 on transmit rate.

IF you set your antennas far enough apart ( like you live on 2 acres ) and you get a hotspot IP address so they do not share the same modem IP address, then you can put 2 there. I was going to try this in the future when TMobile will allow my address to have one of the new 5G hotspots. I live on 2 acres so i can get the antenna far enough apart that the SNR and RSSI do not catch it.

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They need to be 1,000 ft (300 meters) apart from other helium miners. So probably not a good idea to put more than one at a single location. Find a friend or relative and share the profits with them or offer a yearly fee if they will host it for you.

Plus many sadly were able to hack the geo location of these and have a dozen at one place but look like they were elsewhere. That has been fixed - thank goodness. It was ruining the whole reason this project was created.


There is a lot of information on this… If you are in a tall building in a dense urban area, you could run different antennas… this gets very technical, very fast. Best to find someone that will let you place it in their home and work out some bartering.

thanks for clarification!