Multiple Helium Miners In Different Locations

I own multiple helium miners that I have placed in different locations.

Should I run them on separate helium apps / wallets or combine them into one? Can you do two per helium app? Is there a threshold where they start mining less HNT because of the number of miners? Any thoughts or suggestions can help. Thx!!!

I brought 3 on ebay, then I preordered 3. I live on 2 acres but, there is 800 behind my home empty for 20 years. I thought I would grid place these and witness of each other. Bad idea I see now. Need even more room.

I put 2 on the same wallet and all these OTA’s in the last 2 days cut my HNT on one of my bobcat to bare numbers. Like $4 a day. It was doing $20. I split it off to another wallet on my wife phone. Still no recovery.

Plan to sell one BobCat new in the box and when the others come in just sell off too. It appears you should have started this project 3 months ago like I wish I had. The OTA’s are killing devices right now.

One BobCat new in box if someone wants for $1300 shipped to USA address.