MUST BE NICE to be a Bitcoin and Crypto Investor

Must be nice to have bought Bitcoin before it went up in price, must be nice to be crypto rich, must be nice to be a crypto millionaire… must be nice to be so condescending to BTC crypto investors… Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies is literally making crypto investors millionaires. People are quick to dismiss others achievements and those that increase their wealth with magical digital internet money but the fact of the matter is… is that cryptocurrency investors take a big risk and gamble, participating and investing into an emerging sector like BTC, Ethereum, and DOGE where you could easily lose all of your money or generate life changing gains and literally become RICH because you invested into Bitcoins and other crypto tokens. The fact of the matter is, the winners keep win, and the losers keep whining so shout out to everyone changing their life playing the game and investing in emerging cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, stocks, and even just working that overtime at work or starting your own business! There’s a clear trend that successful people maintain as opposed to the people complaining working the minimum and not putting in the effort to truly change and improve their life and lifestyle … must be nice.

Should you tell your friends and family you bought Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies??

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00:00 Must be nice … Bitcoin investors!!
01:35 Crypto is the new stock market
02:42 Bitcoin and Ethereum are incredible technologies
03:40 Traditional Banks can lend you money without having it themselves
04:39 Taking calculated risks in life
08:49 Alt-coins have huge growth potential
10:00 Learning and researching to get ahead
11:16 You can’t win if you don’t play the game

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MUST BE NICE to be a Bitcoin and Crypto Investor…

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