MXC M2 Pro Set up today

My M2 Pro arrives today and excited and a little anxious about setting it up. Some good information out there by some influential and knowledgeable YouTubers about the recent fuel issues. Nevertheless, it still remains a very decent investment for the costs associated. If you remove your earnings then your fuel decreases and the profitability goes down…so keep your coins in the for the long term to earn interest (or equivalent). You can also earn about $1 a day mining bitcoin and other coins at the same time.

It does seem like a long term investment as opposed to something you can take a monthly earning from. However, from what I have seen is that once ROI has been achieved you can then empty your miner and reduce fuel by 50%. It will never go below that and will gradually increase over time. Take earnings from that miner and purchase a new one from your ROI. Wash-rinse-repeat…The depleted miner will not be as profitable but it has returned its investment an is still earning passive income for next to nothing. If you build up your stock of miners then profits increase.

I am no expert and there may be holes in my theory but as a layman that is what I have deduced from hours of research…mainly youtube!

I will try to update my experience once set up if anyone is interested.

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Thanks for sharing, did you buy direct from MXC? If so, when did you buy and how long did it take to ship?

Hi, I bought direct 4 days ago. I got a text the next day saying 2nd February delivery but the tracking showed otherwise. Really good all in all. I live in Scotland so not far to ship.

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Been going for 20 hours and have not altered settings. There aren’t really any settings to alter really! £6 or so mined. When health is 100% then that should get me better returns.

I’ve added Bitcoin to my tokens so when I stake 6000mxc for 90 days and have health of 90% locked in I can start earning Bitcoin.

I’m going to trade to get MXC in Coinbase, which is one of few options to be able to buy MXC. Then transfer to Datadash where the miner is controlled.

Very easy set up! Just sitting on my ground floor window sill right now which wont make a difference until the Altitude cap is introduced.

In the wallet, select Bitcoin and click mine to see these requirements

You won’t get better returns as you are in the 90 day grace period and are earning at 100% already

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You can’t get MXC in coinbase

Exchanges were you can trade mxc

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Thanks! I’ll have to look see where I got it from! My memory going!

I can trade for MXC in coinbase wallet, just checked

Yes, of course! Thanks.