My Bobcat Miners aren't working well. They're not relayed. Please help! 🙏

Thanks for all the awesome information you share on YouTube and Twitter. I’ve been following you for about 3 months now.

Is it ok if I ask you a couple questions. Your YouTube videos and my friend Jonny got me interested in mining HNT. He seems to be doing pretty good with it, so I bought a couple bobcats to try it myself. I have 1 at home and 1 at work. Both units work, but aren’t earning me more than .05-.07 max a day on my home unit. I had 1 day that was .16 and then it dropped off. The one at work is earning .01-.02 a day. They aren’t relayed. I checked on that. I have them placed in front of windows that don’t have bug screens. At my home it’s only me and another miner located roughly 3500 meters away. At work I’m the only one in the hex. I’m located around plenty to witness to. I’m really confused.

I contacted my internet provider for my home location and they took all potential malicious threat indicators off of it. Because they said that it was being blocked by my security firewall through my internet service. They said they took the security off of it. That didn’t work at all. Is there anything else that you can think of that can help me with this situation? Something I’m not thinking of?

Hi i had the same problem untill i do the following
im guessing you are using ethernet and set up port forwarding
The port requirements would be the same for either ethernet or WiFi (TCP port 44148 open in both
Then buy a decent aerial like a RAK at the right frequency for either America or Europe
Get it as high as possible on a wooden poll and outside is better but if you cant then the loft will do
then you must I repeat must use a decent cable something like TIMES and the shorter the better if possible
I learnt the hard way by buying cheap stuff first and made no difference
then my minners when from no witnesses to 24 witnesses one with over 223 km
and making 2/3 tokens a day

sorry port number is 44158

Sorry about spelling I’m not the best at it