My build with results, first timer

My experience level:
I’ve built a handful of computers over the years, mostly following Toms Hardware recommendations. I never do much other than push the over clock button on the MoBo :slight_smile: I finally decided to make a mining rig after wanting to for several years.

My rig:
Total cost $920
| Component | Price each | Number bought | Total price |
|OLOy DDR4 RAM 2x8GB|63.99|1|$63.99|
|6 120 fans|29.99|1|$29.99|
|Kingwin Case|49.99|1|$49.99|
|Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A Mobo|75.95|1|$75.95|
|Intell BX80662G440 Pentium G4400 3.3 GHz|67.98|1|$67.98|
|Used Corsair GS900 Power Supply|49.99|1|$49.99|
|Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT|279.99|2|$559.98|
|Fan splitter cable|11|1|$11.00|
120 GB SSD I had laying around

70 Mh/s total, 35/card
I’m running Claymore 15 on Windows 10

What I learned:
After getting everything put together it looks like these cards can’t be overclocked much. It was more complicated than I expected to get everything running and installed correctly, but like I imagined, I was able to find enough help to figure out all the problems. Biggest hurdle was realizing I had to install one card at a time for windows to correctly recognize and install drivers.

Where to go from here:
1 - I want to run this for a week and then switch to a different coin and compare, maybe try a different miner or mining pool
2 - I would like to see if I can get a different card and run on this system and compare without hopefully causing any problems
3 - If I don’t do other cards, I’ll likely get a few more of these cards because adding more has an efficiency ratio since I don’t need to buy more MoBo’s or RAM since I already have that part. For example, it looks like I can triple my earning with 2 more cards and break even at the same point with 4 cards as I can with the 2 and what I spent so far.

Any suggestions or things you would have done differently?

Honestly, I am not a fan of the 5600 because of the high price point relative to the 5700. I would pay the extra $50 for 56Mh/s vs 35 Mh/s. The ROI is much shorter with 5700s. That said, you can do better than 35 Mh/s with the 5600s. You should be able to get them up to at least 40 Mh/s at 85W with some more tweaking. The more GPUs you add, the better your ROI will be. I would really consider 5700s for expansion though. I would even consider returning the 5600s if it isn’t too late.

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Rx5700 xt full workload at 95deg C be careful using it

I think that is in reference to the driver issues they had at launch. I’ve seen no issues with invalids or high temps while mining. It is 85 F in the place they are located right now and they are running at 50-52 C at 55% fan speed.

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same here i have plenty of pics of my XT running at normal temps I did have issues before I got my drivers sorted like bick mentioned I would only buy an XT version if it costs less than the non xt though I just like my non XT’s better for some reason

For a first timer I think you did really good chosing you hardware though you did way better than I did and you have spent way less than me so I would give you an A.

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Can I add them to the same rig without likely problems?

Looks like they are $100 more but still probably worth it

Yes, you can run them on the same rig with no problems. The prices seem to go up daily lately. 6 months ago, you could find them for $299 new. Last month, they were $329. Now they are $349. I’m not sure if it is COVID or demand that is driving the prices up. I have been able to find them used for $290-$300 on ebay. All used 5700s are still under warranty so I am fine with them.

Since TeamRedMiner released their latest version. 5700s are now among the most efficient at mining RVN too. I tested it out and got 21 Mh/s at 100W using my ethash settings. I am told you can get 26+ Mh/s if you turn them loose.

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I am waiting for the next gen GPU’s to drop before I buy more I have a feeling they will cause last gen models to drop in price

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