My crappy NFT collection, lol

I have not been able to do a lot with NFTs as of yet because I really dislike how much gas fees are. I do have 2 NFTs on, thanks to Vosk for recommending this, but I fear I paid WAY too much on gas fees to mint them, and then the floor price shows they aren’t remotely worth the minting fee. Regardless of this fact, I went ahead and did it just to have them and hopefully they will go up in value. I have a hard time understanding how or why these pictures are worth jack squat so I am hesitant to mint any more. Maybe down the road I will get into it a little more. It is difficult for me to justify spending hundreds of dollars speculating the value of NFTs will go up after minting. I would rather mine coins with my 6 BOX miners and my 4 HNT miners, that I can equate to value.

Just my 2 cents worth.

My SOL address is FNLZbFj3UmTU1ZfNSkxBZ7fiqwfgq1uYkXDLzUwKXUwq

My BSC address is 0x0B608d304E8aE838900DEFDa978Ae0F28f1D2060