My cryptocurrency miners, what coins I am mining, and how much I am earning

My cryptocurrency miners, what coins I am mining, and how much I am earning… I have been building a bigger crypto mining farm, and one day I hope to generate my own electricity, but here’s how my mining profitability is today! This is the BEST miner you can buy right now - Evergreen

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I have a lot of different mining rigs, and this allows me to mine many different cryptocurrencies. I am of course mining Bitcoin but also using other profitable ASIC miners to mine Nervos Network CKB, Kadena KDA, Ethereum Classic ETC, Dogecoin and even hard drive mining Chia XCH with HDD mining rigs – here’s how my mining farm is going at the VoskCoin ranch!

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00:00 What is going on with crypto mining?
01:06 Crypto never sleeps
01:48 Evergreen miners still making money!
03:06 The digital shovel minipod is making a mining farm easy!
04:16 Bitmain is crushing it!
05:00 Where can you buy crypto miners?
06:24 Mining Dash,Kadena and Nervos
08:14 How will Goldshell respond to Bitmain?
08:48 Doge coin mining with the L7 is still crazy profitable
09:40 What is the most profitable miner right now?
10:55 Mining ETC and ZIL with the forrest miner
12:16 Miners are still bullish?
12:44 GPU mining still not profitable
13:40 What Bitcoin mining pool do I use?
14:20 Handshake mining a good play?
16:30 Crypto is awesome!

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My cryptocurrency miners, what coins I am mining, and how much I am earning