My Ethereum Mining Farm - Mining At Home

Hey miners! I hope everyone is enjoying this nice bull run while it lasts. I know I sure am! Anyways I wanted to take a quick moment and show off the recent video I released that goes over every nook and cranny of my current mining farm.

I started this journey back in late 2016 when the RX 480 was being first released on to the market. At one point and time, I was able to manage around 6.2 Ghs of GPU mining rigs in the building however Ive been slowly downsizing the farm so that it’s easy to maintain.

The building you see in the video cost me around 3200 USD to have shipped to my backyard and assembled. The concrete slab I was able to get poured for 1400 dollars and the 200 amp main with all the outlets ran me another 1400 dollars. Not bad if I do say so myself.

The building is 18’X20’X10’ and made of all metal which may have not been the wisest choice to go with as it does heat up in the summer. IN Hindsight I should have insulated the inside of the building to prevent the heat from the metal from transferring into the inside.

Despite those mistakes, I truly can say it has been still well worth it. Anyways I just wanted to take a quick moment and share my experience with others that are looking at scaling their operations so that you can take what I’ve learned and use it to your benefit.

On a final note, I got mad respect for the Voskcoin community and I hope to wish you all much success this bull run. With that said make sure to take profits along the way and be sure to spend time with your loved ones and remember why you’re doing all this.

Be Grateful NOT Greedy and may you all prosper!

Yours Truly,
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