My experience mining 4 ASIC miner S19 pro 110 TH for 30 days

It’s been roughly about 30 days of mining 4 ASIC S19 pro miners. Its a sizeable investment and if you are on the fence wanting to know what its really like and what to expect hopefully this gives you an idea. My electric bill for this was around $450 I mine with Prohashing pool and I choose at the moment to get paid in Litecoin. I am thinking about switching coins every month to diversify the number of coins I have. As a reference, I am brand new to mining like many of you. I see it as a cash flow investment. At the moment I don’t plan on cashing out any of the coins or using any of the profit to pay for the electric bill. I have other businesses so the electric bill is typically a write off so it works out.


How much do you pay for electric? $450 for running 4 s19s sounds like a steal!

I live in Mississippi where electricity is cheap. I have them in the garage well ventilated and the average inlet temp is between 50 and 60 F at the moment. Im sure the electric cost is going to go up with time.

Thanks for sharing your real world results. I have some miners I am getting ready to turn on and I will share out results so we can compare them

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Appreciate you sharing your details. Certainly helps give some baseline facts. Thanks!