My Experience with the Fold App Earn Free Satoshi Paying your bills

Download the free fold app and earn satoshi’s paying your bills. Open to USA members only. You can spin the wheel and earn up to a Bitcoin. I currently have earned 37,000 Satoshi just paying my bills.
Earn Satoshi paying your bills you need to pay anyway.
Earn Satoshi buying gift cards and shopping online thru their app.
Spin the wheel for every purchase and earn up to 100% of your purchase back in Satoshi.
Spin the wheel daily and earn up to a BTC.
Once setup it is easy.
To set up so you can earn Satoshi paying your bills you will need a Paypal account with bill pay so you can attach you fold card to it. You cannot keep any money in your Paypal account.
Not all bills can be paid by bill pay.
Takes 5 days to transfer my money from my checking account to my fold account you can use direct deposit though. I may do that in the futrue.
Card costs $21 for free members and $150 for upgraded members. I have an upgraded account because I saw my mortgage provider credit cards and utilities on bill pay in my Paypal account.
I know I can easily make my money back in satoshi +.
The biggest prize I have earned is 1.5% cash back 10,000 satoshi for a bill I was going to pay anyway.
I love crypto so I love it. I hope they don’t change the rules
But I have it all set up now and can help anyone who wants to join. I will update my post and let you know if I win big!
Join and get 5000 Satoshi Free!

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Update on the fold app
I am loving the app you can now use a debit card to instantly add funds to your account!
I currently have earned 153,900 Sats in 3 weeks by just using the app to pay my bills monthly.
I am making more money than mining. Just using the card to pay my bills!
I earned 54,000 sats paying my monthly mortgage payment 600,000+ satoshi a year
Open to USA members only
Any questions PM me I can help you.
Join and get 5000 Satoshi Free!

which card to you use?

I have the upgraded card because I knew I could pay my mortgage payment thru PayPal bill pay using the fold card.

I am loving this app. 262,107 satoshi so far $76 I will make 1K in a year at bitcoins current price. Imagine if bitcoin doubles 2K in one year for $150 card purchase and 45 minutes to set up. I am trying to figure out how I can use the card to pay the $5950 I owe on my roof and $1500 on another bill so I can get more free satoshi. I have made more free crypto than mining or any other program in one month except faucetpay that I have been in for 2 years. If you are from the USA join me from my link and get 5k free satoshi and I can help you set it up. Make sure you can use Paypal bill pay for your mortgage and credit cards. A Paypal regular account is totally free! Anbody know how I can print a screenshot from my iPhone to show everyone the proof. I will post my payouts. There is a 30 day waiting period for your sats to be available to withdraw. The intro card costs $21 to get. I got an upgraded card for $150 should make my money back soon. It costs me no money to transfer money to my fold card using my bank account and then use the card to pay my bills thru Paypal billpay!
Join and get 5000 Satoshi Free!


The card isn’t free if you had to pay money for it…even it’s only $21.00.

I never said the card was free. I said it is free to transfer money between your accounts and use it to pay your bills. I said I got the upgraded $150 a year card because I can get up to 100% of my purchase back in Satoshi and I knew I could use Paypal bill pay to pay my mortagage, credit cards, utility bills, and cable bills. So I get satoshi back for every bill I pay instead of nothing. This is the way I like paying my bills. I also get the 5% from my Amazon card and 5% from my walmart card and 1% from my other credit cards so I am win win winning right now with free satoshi on top of that (for $21(one time) or $150 a year a no brainer)

The intro account card costs $21 to get set up and delivered to you there is no yearly fee! I edited it to say intro account just for you!
FDIC insured by Sutton Bank check here Watch some Youtube videos if you don’t belive me

My first payout of 50K sats it took one day the app works I have 421,000 in my account now from paying my bills.( your earnings are available for withdrawal 30 days from when you earned them)
If you are from the USA signup and get free Satoshi from paying your bills.

Join and get 5000 Satoshi Free!

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