My first asic miner, need help


I have finally purchased my first asic miner. Its a goldshell hs lite. Im hoping to get some guidance on how to start using the machine. I dont know whats the best pool service to use and who to use to be able to convert the coins to usd? Also i know that it does 2 types of coins but is there a way to set it up to only do one or should i mine both coins? If i have the option to mine only one coin i know that sia coin is the more profitable one right now and would think to use all of the machines capabilities to mine it. Lastly I know that coinbase and binance do not currently support sia coin so what other networks can be used in order to get the coins converted/transferred to my bank account?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Hey BaldGuy, congrats on your first miner! There should be some instructions to access your miner through the IP address to set it up. It’s pretty simple to get in. You will need to find a pool that has your coin available. F2pool is very popular and I use that for Litecoin. It’s very easy to set up once you create an account and select Handshake as the coin you want to mine. Then it’ll generate a few different pool links you put into the goldshell access window under “Pool Setting”. you only need to typically put in one pool, but they allow you to put in 3 I think in case your first one goes down…unlikely with f2pool.

Hope it goes well and feel free to reach out for more help!

Thanks a bunch

No problem. Let me know if you got it up and running!