My first Bitcoin mining setup

After mining Helium for the last year, and being a lurker here, I decided to give Bitcoin a go. I have two Canaan Avalons and just got the exhaust fan in place today. Waiting on my electrician and I will be up and running. Unfortunately using AC until I can improve the room insulation and order an intake fan to use during the winter.

Grow tent combined with your vent might work…

Yep, definitely thinking about that. Looking at the AC infinity 5 x 5 now. Just hope it’s enough to keep the Avalon’s cool. I’ve read so many posts about them running significantly hot…

I also noticed the similarity to grow tents.
Here’s the end result of one of them.

(3) My Crypto Mining Grow Tent Mistakes - YouTube

I am planning on adding one more miner soon. What size grow tent would you all recommend?