My first build. Is it me or is everything super expensive?

I am attempting to start my very first build, but everywhere I look from the internet to ebay and even offerup everything is super expensive and I understand the pandemic the bullrun and everything but is it really that much of an impact, I mean I see gpu cards for like 500-700 is this normal? Appreciate all the help and imput

It’s the new normal. Prices are massively inflated and cards are out of stock almost everywhere. A year ago, things were like 1/4 the price. They’ll probably drop back down once Eth 2.0 comes out :smiley:

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there is really only 2 countries that produce the worlds supply of ICs and we had the lockdowns and the social distancing has made production slower. so there is a massive backlog and gpu production doesn’t seem to be a priority. But if your looking to get cards for msrp you gota fight the scalpers for them. it suxs but you can get them. It takes alot of research and time but when you do you can get them with really short payback times. That alone makes the hunt worth it to me anyway.

EDIT: what’s really hard to find is the mining specific motherboards.