My L3+ died. HELP!

I recently bought a used L3+ off amazon. It came with a new APW++ PSU brand new. After a day of reseting the miner and getting it running fine, it all of a sudden died. About 24 hours of running straight.

I was out of the house when it died, but from what I can tell temps were averaging around 85F.

When I got home it wasn’t running at all. Nothing. I unplugged it, waited a few and plugged it back in. I might have heard a slight tick sound when I plugged it back in, but nothing else. I bought a new C13 cable and that didn’t solve anything.

Anything else I can try? I’m thinking on getting a multimeter and checking the PSU. But when its plugged in there is no fan or lights or sounds, so I’m not sure what i’d really be checking anyway.
Any suggestions?

Talked to amazon seller. He said the power supply is under a factory warranty and to mail it back for a new one.
Hope this doesn’t take too long.