My Miner shop website - Scam or legit?

HI all! the only place that seem to have asic miner in stock is this website. The prices are also low compared to other website. Does any of you ever bought from this website? is it legit? I’ve read some reviews that say it’s legit, but I’m still concerned, since the way of payments are only by Bitcoin or money transfer (yeah… look a little sus). Anyway, if anybody bought from this website, i want your feedback!

Also, if you would like to share the website you use, It’ll be very appreciated!


Besides some faked good reviews, there are a lot of ppl complaining, that these are scammers.

Accepting only BTC and wire transfer is never a good sign.

Street View shows a different firm under the adress these scammers are using on their website.

I wouldn’t buy there, pretty sure this is a scam.

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I been there they are real, the Google maps it’s not updated. When you go to street view you will see that the maps are old.

They do not accept payments at their office, but I did have a small chat with them…

They are scammers, I purchased from them sent them bitcoin and nothing. They will talk to you until you send money, then ghost you. I am out .05763976 bitcoin, DO NOT send them money. They have a pretty elaborate scheme going on, and as Ced_Kr said, there are tons of fake reviews on Trustpilot.