My Miners - GTX 1660 Ti love fest

Figured I would show off my little mining farm. I selected the NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti as the GPU and am using it on all mining computers. twenty-two GPUs in total.

Three of the rigs, two depected and one elsewhere - not shown, are functionally the same. Each has a i5 CPU and six GTX 1660 Tis. The i5 is for CPU mining.

Decided that I wanted to see what GPU mining with a Ryzen 7 3800x would be. This mining computer has four GTX 1660 Ti cards (limit of PCiE slots) and the Ryzen 7 CPU. I havent done much tweaking on the CPU, just let it run in the background mining Monero.

Wanted to build a cheap, CPU mining computer so I built a CPU mining computer running a Ryzen 9 3900x processor. I needed a cheap video out so I installed a GT 710 2GB for video.

CPU Mining Rates?

each i5 does roughly 1.5 kH/s on Random X.

The Ryzen 7 does roughly 6 kH/s on Random X

The Ryzen 9 does roughly 10 kH/s on Random X - There are videos showing that the Ryzen 9 is more capable with Overclocking and Memory tweaks. I might try them out later.

I love the 1660 TI as well. I have a 8 card 1660ti Rig. Whats your hashrate on them? I have mine overclocked by 750 on the memory. I’m getting about 30.5 MH per card at around 70-78 watts per card.


So far, with no OC, each card does about 25 MH/s on Ethereum. The only tweaking I have done is to dial the power back to 70 Watts per card. I’m managing my “farm” with Minerstat.


I get the same hashrate as you, 30.5 Mh/s and 73-78 watts. no two cards exactly alike. Pictured are 6 EVGA SC Ultra 1660 TI’s and two EVGA XC Ultra 1660 TI’s on top. There is an Asus Dual on the bottom for 9 GPU’s. I removed the Asus Dual and added two Asus Rog Strix 1660 TI’s on the bottom left for 10 GPU’s on the RIG. Currently switched to a 1600 W EVGA Supernova power supply.

10 Cards draw 850 Watts at the plug. Notice the addition of two 20-20 aluminum extrusions (Silver) which are used to add cards on the bottom and for dressing out the cables on the top.

When completed there will be 12 1660 TI’s on this rig. I have an average of 400 KH/Watt which makes this rig very efficient. The total power draw at the plug when 12 cards are in it will be less than 1 KW. I have switched the motherboard from the Gigabyte Fintech pictured to a Biostar tb250-pro (PRO) to test an I3 processor vs the G4560 Pentium (Kaby Lake). So far, no difference. Also XMP the memory to 2400. Oh, forgot to say … that white box on the right is a wireless bridge. This rig can run extremely well wirelessly.

Congratulations elt2jv on picking nice components for your rig(s).