My mini farm needs a new home

I’m up to 1,203 T on 9 BTC miners and loving this pump… we need a big pump before the halving. 4 KDA miners earning 80 KDA a day and 6 KS0 with earnings dropping seems like daily. Running all this in my garage… I’ve got to build a building ASAP.


Do it! And share pictures!


Man I don’t know how you are running that in your garage hope it’s not attached to house must sound like a jackhammer in there. But nice mining set up think it’s time to build a mining shed it was the best investment I made to get mine out of garage


I built a room in the garage and it helps the sound some but I have definitely grown out of it.

Time to build a shed

Building a 18x25 shop with 400 amp service… I will still run some miners in my garage but majority will be out of shop. Week #4 waiting on the pad to be poured🤦‍♂️.