My New Mini Silent Miner Earn $40+ PER DAY?! Goldshell AL-Box Review

My New Mini Silent Miner for Home Mining Really Earns $40+ PER DAY?! in passive income mining a lucrative cryptocurrency, Alephium ALPH, and this miner is the Goldshell AL Box. This little mining rig is great for mining at home, profitable, small, quiet, and low heat but what’s the catch, maybe the price?! You can buy AL Box miners here -

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00:00 This quiet miner makes $40+ a day
01:39 My Iceriver KS0 Pro broke
02:02 Goldshell AL Box performance
03:11 Alephium price details
03:51 Goldshell AL Box profitability demo vs reality
06:19 Goldshell AL Box pricing
07:36 Goldshell AL Box ROI
10:52 How to buy and store Alephium
11:40 Is Goldshell AL Box worth the investment?
12:43 Alephium mining ecosystem stats

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My New Mini Silent Miner Earn $40+ PER DAY?! Goldshell AL-Box Review

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$12000 for a $400 box? I don’t understand why an open source build isn’t available

I think you just answered your own question…if you figure out how to 3D print the right circuit boards and somehow manage to get their chips cheaper than the miner then let me know

But seriously I wish it was that simple

Goldshell had a flash sale around 2 weeks ago, selling the box’s for around $5600. So buying these things for anyway near that isn’t for me, especially when the profits have over halved since.

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