My NFT Experience So Far

I’ve tapped into NFTs a few months ago by minting two random ones and I have to say that you must choose the right chain and platform to get the best experience, so far I’ve been introduced to RVN through @RavencoinAssets on twitter got an NFT learned more about RVN etc through twitter spaces, I realized that RVN provides the best experience currently and probably in the future as well due to extremely low costs I think it costs less than a dollar if I’m doing my “maths” right, so yeah overall I see huge potential in RVN and NFTs with these fortunate circumstances.

NFT marketplace that uses the RVN network:

Their YT channel: Ravenist - YouTube

And my BSC/EVM wallet address good luck to everyone I hope I win :trophy:: 0xA3605777b62bbbE1781377E4eb23CC8a49CA5A31

SOL wallet: BGYRoYaAvCBrutSTmpUJje33FVKTqrxgG2tBihg3oJKr

Also shoutout to vosk for making this move and getting us to talk about it.