My personal experience with Haru Invest - up to 15% APR on BTC

I’d like to share a crypto platform that I’ve been using, and you can feel free to check it out.

I’ve been using this crypto savings account for almost 2 years now by the name of Haru Invest - The platform is backed by Block Crafters Capital - A Singaporean subsidy of Block Crafters. Block Crafters is a South Korean crypto company that has been around since 2018.

I would absolutely love for all of you to check it out because I do genuinely believe it’s a good savings platform - the annual interest rates are consistent, and you get paid daily.

If you’re keen to use the platform, I would appreciate a sign-up using my referral link so we both get a permanent 0.2% interest boost - But if you aren’t, absolutely fine. No compulsion at all. Just genuinely wanted to give all of you what I believe to be a good recommendation.

Hope y’all have a good week ahead! :slightly_smiling_face: