My Personal Review of Adam Moyers Hosting Facility

I had a great privilege to hang out with Adam Moyers and his friends who have started up a hosting facility in Wickliffe, Ky. At first I was a little nervous texting back and forth to get things set up but I had a good feeling about him and how open and honest he was. He told me before hand that his facility was not a grand massive high tech facility but yet a small one as he just started out and had plans to lease out a bigger facility with cheaper rates in the near future. I told Adam I am fine with that and honesty is the biggest thing in gaining my trust to do business with him.

Fast forward I decided to make a family trip out of the experience and the wife and I took the kids. We stayed in Springfield, Mo to see the fantastic caverns and then moved up to Ozark IL and rented a cabin for a couple days to see the National park. Everything worked out very well!

Upon the arrival at Adams facility we where greeted with kindness and a few guys who where extremely nice and pleasant to talk too! We talked a little big about mining and “guy stuff” and had some laughs! Adam and I got my K1+ as well as my L7 hooked up and he showed me his security systems as well as his ventilation system. This is only temporary till he gets his new facility but it was still a very good setup! He showed me his plan on his new facility and I am excited to see it as well as being a part of it!

Currently at this facility he charges .12KWh but once his new facility is open he said the new rate will be in the range of 8.5KWh.

My honest opinion is if your looking to host your miners with someone good folks who you can just flat out trust and know they will be open and honest and are willing to help them grow by trusting them then I’d highly recommend Adam and his team. He has a good backing of investors and a good group of people to help him.

Here is @AdamMoyers and his teams information if needed!

Banta Business LLC

Adam Moyers
Andy Wiggins
Todd Jones
Nathaniel Hargrove
Razi Overby
Bradly Gough


can you share what your all-in monthly cost would be including management fees?

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I might be able to answer before he does. But he might be better at detailing it. Right now he is charging per machine at how much that machine is rated on wattage then calculate it by the hours in a day at the .12kwh. I paid a 1 time connection fee of $50 a machine hooked up to any pool of my choosing.

He will probably come on to give better details :+1:

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I may be interested, not having good luck with Mining Syndicate lately.

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haha, cool. Carl, you always do something kindly.

Same :+1::+1::+1::+1:.
Very excited to this thread….besides now saving me the effort to search lol :joy:.

Thanks for the review Carl! It was great to finally meet you in person. We just got a lease agreement for our potential warehouse space. We are negotiating those terms and hope to high it locked in this week.

We are currently charging $.12/kWh plus a one time $50 setup fee. This price will be adjusted down once we have reached a certain power threshold. We are still negotiating the rate with our power company. It should be in the $.085-.095/kWh range.

We are a small startup looking to build a good reputation. We are here to make a little money and provide a great service. We spent 3+ hours with Carl on Friday and took two our our miners offline to get Carl going until our PDUs came in. We temporarily lost a little money to get a client going and I’m good with that.

We can host an additional 30 miners to start after we close the deal on this warehouse. We will be adding service to meet the need as we grow. Later this year we will have our own new facility built with a 500 miner capacity to start.

I realize the market is down, but I still have 23 new S19J Pro 96TH units available to immediately ship from Paducah KY same day as payment is received. $9700 shipped. I’ll just run them before I go lower on the price. I can also host these.

If you have any questions please let me know.



Your very welcome Adam! I’ll be having you add more Asics soon, hopefully in about 3 months or so!

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I seem to remember that Master3004’s buddy MrMike1992 was in Paducah KY as well. Is there some association between Adam and him? Seems like such a small town for such a coincidence.

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Mike and Adam do know each other and I actually met Mike too. I’ll PM you… MrMike1992 is good to go and is a good guy.

Any reason as to why he was being an ass towards others on this forum and tried to act as a proxy for the master :clown_face:?

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PM sent @cryptominernv

Hey Adam,

Can’t figure out the PM functionality. Can you please PM me? Looking for some hosting for my S19s.


Hi, @AdamMoyers I pm you