My Shed for Hard Drive Mining is HERE!

My shed for hard drive mining is here, and wow am I excited because I am investing a lot into the HDD mining farm side of VoskCoin. This Amish shed converted into a DIY data center is focused on farming Chia XCH the best hard drive mineable cryptocurrency, and uh, I hope this works out lol! Buy your own HDD miners here - Evergreen

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Jusey Miners are also making a Chia XCH Farmer - JuseyMiners Chia Miner
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PLEASE help me design this HDD mining shed to be better lol - Converting a shed into a Hard Drive Mining Data Center

I am betting big on Chia XCH as I invest a lot of my money into building my own little DIY data center specifically for hard drive mining or really this HDD mining shed is entirely based on farming Chia XCH a cryptocurrency that is mined with hard drives.

Watch my initial HDD DIY data center plans here -
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00:00 The hard-drive mining shed has landed!
02:41 What did I build?
03:09 Making sure it stays cool
04:40 Electricity for the hdd shed
06:50 Getting internet to the farming shed
09:11 Finishing up the hard drive shed
14:40 Investing in infrastructure
17:41 What to do when it doesn’t work out?
20:35 Lets start farming!
22:30 Hard drive mining a safe bet?
24:00 Beware Halvings are coming!

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My Shed for Hard Drive Mining is HERE! VoskCoin Chia XCH farming HDD mining farm!


Hopefully chia reaches that ATH and then some!

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to be honest, I really hope so LOL


Most coins do, right? seems all coins almost double ATH every bull run. Also, how do you plot these bad boys? people keep talking about plotting being REALLY slow.