My TOP 5 Coins for 2024

Here are the top five cryptocurrencies I am quite literally banking on going for 2024. I am hoping these five tokens will hit new all-time highs in the next bull run. Bitcoin and Ethereum are great, but I hope these cryptos will make the next millionaires. Subscribe!

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Let’s take a look at top FIVE cryptocurrencies I am watching going into the next year, and hopefully the next bull market. Coins are at their lows, some near their all-time lows, which means it’s supposed to be the best time to buy them. Everyone’s watching the two big cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum, but let’s take a look at five other smaller tokens I am watching. We’ll take a look at their data on CoinGecko, including their prices, all-time lows, all-time highs, total value locked, and give a brief overview of what the project is about. I’ll also talk through why I think these are the coins to watch.

Chia on CoinGecko -
Arbitrum on CoinGecko -
Stargate on CoinGecko -
DogeCoin on CoinGecko -
Neoxa on CoinGecko -
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02:41 Coin #2
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10:34 Coin #4
14:21 Recapping Coin #1
17:48 Coin #5
23:35 Bonus Coin

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My TOP 5 Coins for 2024


Neoxa? that’s an interesting choice. I do think it has some potential though.

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Hello Mr. Drew Vosk.

I have looked for a full day and I see no better way of contacting you directly here in this forum other than replying to a message/post. Not trying to SPAM here at all, if there were an alternative means of contacting you here. I would have used it!

So here goes!

We recently received a Telegram request from an individual stating they are you. The said individual also expressed a deep interest in joining efforts regarding our project. This TG contact was then followed up with an email sent to us directly, per your request in telegram, via the following email address "yourprivateemailformat" (Name not displayed for your own protection and security purposes here. If you want me to post it here in the wild, by all means I can do so at your request. Via a screenshot.) which was to serve as a confirmation from you that you are exactly who you say you are.

Being developers, we trust no email sent to us from anyone who is a high profile person, especially one from someone of your highly known visibility within the crypto industry. I am sure you can relate to our skepticism in regard to the whole matter coming to us simply out of the blue without further due diligence and confirmation. It may be shocking to some, but All emails can be spoofed.

With that being said, if you did in fact contact us, we would be happy to join forces with you. But please, to save everyone a lot of effort here. Post the following HEX code at the bottom of your about page on YouTube.

To verify your TG & YT account’s and to serve as proof that you are exactly who you say you are. Then contact us with the same TG account telling us you in fact posted the HEX there and it is ready for our viewing.

4e 75 6d 62 65 72 4f 6e 65 4d 65 6d 65 2e 43 6f 6d

After which you can remove this HEX Code, or leave it if you like, and we will begin our journey together.

We do this because there are too many scammers on TG and all is necessary to prove to us exactly who you are, before we begin talking with you. No matter size or status this is our protocol. It is simple and easy to do IF one contacting us is in fact the real deal!

Simply sending us an email will not work. Email addresses can be easily spoofed and many times are by scammers.

If you are interested in possibly moving forward, comply with the above request and get back with me here.

Thank you for you time on this matter.

RickRoll (ROLL) The World To The Moon!

Have a great day.

Chief Administrative Officer

Communication from the VoskCoin team will almost always be via email and will ALWAYS have an email address. Anything with Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, or any other email address is more than likely not safe as they are not from our team.

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Hello Krisz,

Thanks for the response. What you have explained is completely understood by us. That was not what I was trying to confirm!

The question I am asking is the following:

We received a direct contact email from Mr. Drew Vosk directly is it safe to publish this email address here for you to confirm. Of course we are interested in further speaking with Mr. Drew Vosk, but we want to know it was he whom reached out to us and not some scammer.

This contact attempt was made from the personal email address of Mr. Drew Vosk. I do not want to publish it here in this open forum for the world to see. Until I am given the authority by Team Vosk to do so.

Do I have your permission to publish this information for further verification by your team?

Thank you and have a great day.

Chief Administrative Officer

They can sometimes spoof outbound emails, but then they say reply to scammer@gmail etc, I’m not familiar with you so you’re definitely dealing with a scammer.

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Great to know. But as already mentioned here several times it was on your domain name, and I do believe I already mentioned spoofing above in my main post to you here.

Is this it? This is the email that contacted us 100% and it is on your main domain address. Do you need me to post email headers as proof too? I have them…

If so, have Mr. Vosk contact us if he is still interested in talking with us further about his plans and ideas for us.


Chief Administrative Officer