MYOM Project- Earn and contribute to scientific research

Hi everybody, full disclosure, I am a project manager from MYOM project, so this is a little bit of a shill but also a request for feedback from an engaged and experienced community.

We have (very) recently launched the MYOM project (MYOM Project) which is part of a much wider business (Omicsense).

Without getting bogged down in the details, it is a project where you are rewarded for wearing one of our microneedle patches every month.

Would love to hear any feedback that you have on the project and our current setup from the perspective of a passive income seeker etc.


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Who owns the company? are they doxxed? Considering this has to deal with medical, what privacies guaranteed are there? Is this US regulated, if not where?

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All the answers to your questions are found on our website if I’m not mistaken. But to elaborate, yes the team behind Omicsense are publicly known and the Omicsense patch is a class I medical device in the US and the same for the UK and EU, it therefore has self certification for compliance, save for the ammeter which is independently assessed for its ability to measure.
That being said, the Omicsense patch when used in the MYOM project is classified as “for research purposes only”. There is a wider statement on the website.
In terms of privacy, all data is anonymised and there is no centrally held database that contains details that identify individuals by name, store data is not mixed with project data

but who are the team? i dont see anything besides this list. and it doesnt link to anything. all of those could just be random people. and once again, Who owns the company? the site has lots of links that either circle back to the main page or doesnt even work. I see the website was registered at the beggining of the month, someone should make sure links work before going live.