Mystery hash (solo eth) RAMP AND RUN

Over the last few days going back to this weekend when we were doing SOLO ETHEREUM testing we started to notice random spikes in our hash rate pool side. We had a rental at of 18 GH/s for 24 hours. Towards the end of that rental we had our first spike in hash of nearly 40+ GH/s. At the time we didn’t think anything of it…

Then it happened again. And again. This is where we start to worry that someone may have entered our ETH address into their rented hash or miners on accident. We have done some tutorials on solo mining ethereum in the past so this is plausible. THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP. If this is an accident the only way I know to get the word out is by social media.

We thanked the community in case it was some one out there being amazing! This community is amazing most certainly, but once again if this is an accident this is a costly one! Which is why we will continue to say thank you as long as this happens… in case it is an accident maybe who ever it is will see.

I have never had a chance to rent more than 300+ GH/s from so for jumps of 400GH/s plus is just mind blowing! We did check our MRR dashboard to make sure some how, some way we didn’t start firing rigs up over there.

With no rented rigs online at MRR that brings us back to two possible scenarios. The first one is this has been done by an accident. Some one thinks our ETH address is theirs and they are hammering away. If that is the case I hope they see our latest video linked below. Option two is some one in the community sending some hash our way. IF THIS IS THE CASE THANK YOU!! I would love to chat with you. The hash does disappear as fast as it showed up.

We have seen this happen for just a few minutes to several hours. We are watching and trying to learn if someone is working on teaching us “HOW TO SOLO MINE ETHEREUM”. We will continue to blast social media just in case it is the other though… I hope if this is being done on purpose who ever it is will reach out so we can know why! I CAN’T THANK THE COMMUNITY ENOUGH!!

You can follow along here.

We caught this ramp up live so check it out.

We are still seeing huge spikes in hash rate on our SOLO ETH address. This is something we see on other SOLO ETH address on as well.

This paticular address has 14 blocks in 7 days doing this.

We do see this over on SOLO ZEC as well. It does appear to be very successful.

I would love to get some feed back from you @VoskCoin and @greer. I know you have thoughts on the ETH side of this. It has been brought up in my discord that there may even be a up side to “attacking” someone else’s address on the pool side bump up their numbers.

I just want to know a little more on what in the what is going on with this address of ours!

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We are going to call this the “Ramp and Run” This is something we have been noticing a while across different algos. This is happening all day every day. Thank you to the “mystery hasher” for really hammering it home.

The above is an ETH solo address.

The above is a ZEC solo address.

The above is a RVN solo address.

The above is an ETC solo address.

The above is an ZEN solo address.


This is what we learned from the mystery hasher. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE LESSON!!!

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Wonder what is going on I am also noticing random spikes of almost 250%.

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on what coin and what pool?

It was just about 26 hours and we had figured our lessons in the bump and run were over… They are back!!! These burst usually don’t last longer that 10 minutes. If the pattern continues we will see 300 GH/s plus in one of the next few ramp ups. We will also see the next ramp in 5 to 6 hours.