Need a good website to compare coin metrics

I see people using different websites that compare current hashrate, gas(?), and a multitude of other metrics. Which one is the most reliable and do I need to have a paid membership, or be a registered miner to use it? Thanks in advance.

I don’t really have an answer to this. It seems you are looking for mining/network/blockchain type stats, not market info.
Personally I would think these might be tricky or bias figures. Most sources have some sort of vested interest, so they have cause to alter #'s in their favor. Using the market side as an example, Kucoin and Binance rarely have the same info/stats.
Blockchain Coins are almost easier than Token Networks. With Coins you can just get the Blockchain CLI program and que the blockchain for 100% real up-to-date stats.
Tokens and networks are another beast. Things like GAS generation are actually voted on, in some cases, by custodial holders on the network. Many mining pools, exchanges or other similar type online places use old figures that they determine to be safe, instead of riding the wave and changing non-stop (like the network does).

So we take a site like they are running CLI’s or Blockchain explorers on their own, for each Blockchain or Network, in an effort to get up to the second stats of total hashrates, per coin or token.

Just to pitch an example or a governance vote that effects hashrate and GAS generation, check out NEO , While it is confusing, you can go down and read each vote. Some of them propose GAS changes based on Network hash strength. It’s interesting to read the proposals and see how the masses vote (feel).

Like I started with, I don’t think I’m actually answering your question. Just some thoughts or info around the topic. I don’t have a go-to site for total stats, I have hundreds of Google bookmarks, lol.

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Thank you! That’s actually really REALLY useful information! I definitely appreciate your taking the time to explain the conflicts of interest to me!

I think that’s why I was having issues finding reliable information. Because, I didn’t know what I didn’t know!!

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